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A primer on the US electoral process, campaign strategy, "pathways to 270" and current polling.

Show Notes

Today’s show is a scene setting episode as we fast approach November’s US elections.  It's a 101 on the US electoral process and campaign strategy setting up the discussion for this episode and those we’ll have over the coming months. 

Importantly, it also sets out the State races or battleground races we need to monitoring over the coming months. We look at the concept of the electoral map and this idea of a “pathway to victory” that you’ll hear about over and over again up until November. And finally we look at current polling - nationwide, and in each of the battleground states. 

But before we get into this we look at the issue of social media consumer boycotts based on the political views of a company owner or shareholder where there seems to be increasingly limited scope to enjoy a product or service made by someone who holds a political view different to your own. 

I discuss this all with special guest Kenny Clark of Lillis Clark - a Wellington based public affairs firm. 

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