Uncharted Territory

How can you even satirise a hallucination? Dennis Walker, aka the Mycopreneur, is a comedian, writer and podcaster who went from teaching high school students multimedia to producing his own hilarious videos that are now taking him across the world, speaking and performing at all manner of psychedelic and fungi oriented events. He tells host Mattha Busby (who he successfully encouraged to finally pull his finger out and create this podcast) how every court needs a jester as a way to examine themselves for the greater good. And indeed, some indigenous medicine communities do appoint somebody periodically to make incisive jokes in the spirit of helping folks stay on top. Naturally, the snow-balling global psychedelic movement has long been in need of some true parodying. Its not like there's not enough content. They also discuss how all mushrooms are magic.

What is Uncharted Territory?

Reflections on the psychedelic revolution, society and consciousness.