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...And Now the GOOD NEWS! || Episode 72 || Top Good News Stories of 2020, More Big Tippers as 2020 Ends, New Animals Discovered in 2020, 93 Year Old Raises $16k for Local Foodbank, Woman Gifts $30k in Groceries, Dr. Forgives $650k in Medical Debt, Chopsticks Into Furniture, Plywood into Skyscrapers, Artic Drilling Lease Auction A Stunning Failure, 17 Year Old Wins $400k Explains Quantum Tunneling in Science Competition,

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Robert shares a collection of stories from
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A Pandemic of Good News: The Top 50 Positive Stories of 2020

Juice Bar Workers Were Shocked By a New Year’s-Themed Tip of $2021 – And Assumed it Was a Mistake

Top 10 Species Discovered in 2020 Include a Harry Potter Snake and Desert-Dwelling Broccoli

A 93-Year-old Veteran Whittling Walking Sticks Has Raised $16,000 For Food Pantry

Arkansas Woman Surprises Shoppers, Spends Nearly $30,000 On Their Groceries

Arkansas Doctor Forgave $650,000 in Medical Bills For Cancer Patients to Kick Off 2021

Startup Turns 32 Million Discarded Chopsticks Into Gorgeous Decor And Furniture

The New Green Building Revolution Uses Timber to Build ‘Plyscrapers’ That Save Tons of CO2

Arctic Oil Drilling Plans Suffer ‘Stunning Setback’ as Almost ‘No One Shows Up’ For the Sale

17 Year Old Wins $400k for Explaining Quantum Tunneling

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What is ...And Now the GOOD News?

Robert Brzezinski recaps and shares commentary of the GOOD news from around the world.