FDNY Smart Podcast for Kids!

Smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms are a meaningful safety feature to have in every home. Both alarms protect against dangers that are often times silent and without warning. With support from the FDNY Foundation and its Partners, Retired FDNY Firefighter Danny Glover and his student co-host Chloe, a Third Grader from Brooklyn, bring you the first-ever FDNY Smart Podcast for Kids! Listeners learn valuable lessons about the importance of having working smoke and CO alarms with help of Lieutenant Michael Kozo of the Fire Safety Education Team, Chief Stephen Sullivan from the FDNY Fire Academy and students from MS 118 in the Bronx and Frederick Douglass Academy in Manhattan. Together, we can all be #FDNYSmart!

What is FDNY Smart Podcast for Kids!?

From the FDNY Fire Zone in New York City, the FDNY, FDNY Foundation and its Partners, introduce the FDNY Smart Podcast for Kids! The show brings together FDNY members, fire and life safety educators, New York City students, and more to empower all who listen with lifesaving information on a wide array of topics.