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Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Generations is taking a well-deserved break this week. Instead of a full episode, we are providing an update to our show with a few small announcements and a bright look into the near future. We're looking forward to sharing more!

Show Notes

Jason, aka Phrog, shares the team's holiday wishes with everyone and provides a glimpse into the future of the show. We hope you're as excited as we are!

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Looking forward to the next episode!

What is Life and Gaming?

Life and Gaming.

We debate and explore all generations of video games, systems, and the industry which drives our hobby. We examine hot, important, and impactful topics in the gaming industry.

We share stories about how each of us relate to different generations of games we experienced growing up while simultaneously learning a little more about ourselves. Take this journey with us as we explore our lives with video games and how those games influence our lives.