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‘In the Mix’ residents show – QUiNTESSON 60 Mins

The idea for the mix part of the show is super simple – to provide a soundtrack of new and archived tracks for you to enjoy during the week anytime you like. G’day from sunny Australia! Its summer down here and Festival season has just begun. This mischievous, little set captures my feelings of excitement, love and shenanigans we Aussies are about to have in the year ahead. I’ve started off with a lovely melodic techno track called Beauty Warp by El Choop. It’s a simple but effective opening track that for me adds a sense of nostalgia of past parties and festivals.

The set continues with more minimalism and synths through track 2 and 3, all the while, maintaining a solid kick and hard baseline – preparing you for what’s ahead! Berlin Atmosphere is such a groovy number and it quickly climaxes into Silver Spoon by Cj Jeff - you should be dancing by now! J

I delve deeper in the second half of the mix with some deep house and prog to leave you all with a beautiful gem called Smoothed Buoyancy by Bongbeck.

Show Notes

‘In the Mix’ residents show this week mixed by QUiNTESSON

1.      El Choop - Beauty Warp Etui Records
2.      Rico Matrinez - The Flood Klap Music
3.      Steve Bug - A Reddish Hue Kwench Records
4.      Christian Bonori - Berlin Atmosphere Yoshitoshi Recordings
5.      Cj Jeff - Sliver Spoon Yoshitoshi Recordings  
6.      Nick Curly - Faustino 8Bit
7.      Gorge - Jyoti Pracht
8.      Habischman - Ages of Consent Cr2 Records
9.      Raumakustik - Responses MUKKE
10.    Bongbeck - Smoothed Buoyancy DUNKELHEIT

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