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In this episode, we dive into the buzz around GPT-5, sparked by Sam Altman's revelations on Bill Gates' latest podcast. We share our top hopes and dreams for GPT-5 and future AI advancements. Next, we delve into Microsoft's new CoPilot Pro Subscription, exploring how it stands out from ChatGPT Plus. Chris takes AutoGen Studio for a spin and ponders over its ideal user base. The episode then shifts to the intriguing concept of collaborative AI agents - is this the path to AI's mastering reasoning, reflection, and profound thought? We dissect the insights from the SeeAct Web Agents study, assessing its influence on AI agent development. Shifting gears, we discuss Google AMIE's groundbreaking ability to outperform doctors in diagnoses, even those assisted by AI. To wrap up, we spotlight the significance of Anthropic's Sleeper Agents experiment and its groundbreaking findings.

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00:00 - Cold Open
00:31 - GTP-5 Rumors & Leaks
07:32 - Microsoft CoPilot Pro
22:27 - Microsoft's AutoGen Studio: An open-source UI for AutoGen
38:53 - The Future of AI Agents? LAMs and SeeACT Web Agent Paper
1:00:19 - Google AMIE: Can AI Replace Doctors for Diagnosis?
1:13:12 -Anthropic's Sleep Agents Experiment



What is This Day in AI Podcast?

This Day in AI Podcast is a podcast all about AI. It's an hour-long conversation on the influence and rise of AI in technology and society. Hosted by Michael and Chris Sharkey.