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Scott Meyers is a screenwriter, producer, professor, and educator on the art of screenwriting. And he’s had some big screen success! In this episode he shares a wealth of insider knowledge on the craft.

Show Notes

Scott Meyers is a cornucopia of knowledge of screenwriting and he helps others learn it via classes at DePaul University, his workshops, and his highly acclaimed blog on the subject, Go Into The Story. He talks with Jeniffer and Chad about how, like many other creative folks, he came to screenwriting in a round about way. It’s because of this, maybe, that he’s really good at giving practical advice for aspiring screenwriters. If you want straight forward and valuable tips and guidance, Scott Meyers is your guy. He’s also a great follow on Twitter! 

What is The Premise?

Here on The Premise we talk to storytellers of all types. From authors to musicians, poets, screenwriters and comedians we get down to the tiny grain of sand that becomes a pearl.