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In this episode, Robert Uy, a Santa Clara University School of Law graduate, explains why taking an Asian American college course changed the trajectory of his life and led him to becoming a designer.
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Show Notes

Robert Uy is a immigration and family law, domestic violence and human trafficking law.  This Filipino descendant grew up with intentions to become a lawyer, doctor, accountant or engineer; these were the only career options that his parents and grandparents allowed him to entertain.  

So it was rebellious when Robert decided to change from his pre-med college major into a history major who took an Asian-american studies course.  After participating with the Asian American Legal Center and Asian Pacific American Legal Development Program, Robert knew that he needed to advocate for others and believes that immigration law is the modern day civil rights law.  

While no two work days are the same for Robert, Robert found himself drawing and doodling when he was anxious.  When the interest arose for Robert to sell his creations, Robert decided to take his art work and share it with the world through pop art and street art motif designs. 

In 2020, Robert Uy created Pandamic Clothing Company to display his artwork and bring awareness to various social justice issues. Hoodies, mugs, shirts and bags display the street art and graphic motifs and a portion of the proceeds often go back to the social justice organizations.  

Robert Uy is licensed in California.  Connect with Robert Uy on LinkedIn, Instagram @pandamicclothing, and their website,  Visit Robert Uy’s law firm website

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This episode is sponsored by Attornneed (

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