The Radioplay Hour

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective Sherlock Holmes, as he tell us of his first case, the Musgrave Ritual!

Show Notes

Vocal cast:  (in order of appearance)
The Drama Merchant – Your host / Dr. Watson / Sherlock Holmes / Brunton the Butler
Kent Lee – Giles Pendlebury / Reggie Musgrave
Douglas Kennedy – Radio announcer
Peta Simeon – Rachel
Along with our recreation of The Musgrave Ritual, we also have Arts Journalist Giles Pendlebury who will interview Dr. Watson and Douglas Kennedy bringing us the cost of living in Australian in 1944, with news briefs that include Frederick Paterson, also known as Red Fred, and the trial of Tony Agostini - in what was the beginning and the end of one of Australia’s most intriguing murder mysteries!
A cover song of Caledonia, written by Dougie MacLean and Alan Roberts, will be sung by Peta Simeon in the style of Celtic woman.
​Theme music for Sherlock Holmes created by Lee Courington
All other musical tracks heard are by Kevin Mcleod, please visit to see the list of music.
All sound effects, except for the cuckoo clock and English country side, were created & performed live by The Drama Merchant.

Please note when COVID19 struck The Radioplay Hour’s season of “Murder and Hope…. But mostly Murder” which this story was being performed under as a live theatre show. Thinking quick on my feet in order for the show to go on I utilized the garage, cupboards, and mobile phones I decided to make The Radioplay Hour a podcast with a recreation of this Sherlock Holmes adventure as the first episode. If you would like to read more about this you can find it on blogs under the "Turning 2020 into the 1920s" on my website.

What is The Radioplay Hour ?

From the 1920s to 1950s, sitting around the radio – or wireless as some called it – to take in a popular series or variety programs was a family ritual…. Join The Drama Merchant and his cast as they bring back the listening experience, and fuel the imagination with recreations of old radio drama's with live sound effects, interviews, historical news updates, some times old ads and local musical talent in the guise of The Radioplay Hour!