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simplyTravis and Rowdy5000 talk about Inside Xbox vs State of Play, Hori Split Pad Pro, tons of games since Tropical Storm Imelda, and will PS5 launch be in trouble?

Show Notes

Helllllooooo Lamer Gamers! This is simplyTravis and Rowdy5000 for the Lamer Gamers Podcast and we’ve recently ran into somewhat of a problem. HONK I was recently informed by a strange little fairy monster with a lamp attached to his nose that I, simplyTravis, am the “Pure Hearted One” and apparently am a freaking wizard. HONK While stumbling through my handy dandy new wizard book I might have accidentally read something HONK wrong and ...HONK HONK HONK...I might have turned rowdy5000 into a honking goose. The only time we have to record this episode is today so might as well HONK get through Episode 13 of the Lamer Gamers Podcast together… HONK

Today we’ll be talking about a ton of games since our most recent 500 year flood. This ones name was Imelda. Then we’re going to talk about Inside Xbox vs State of Play, Hori Split Pad Pro review, and alll the fake news.

What is Lamer Gamers Podcast?

Hello Lamer Gamers! We host a gaming podcast where our main quest is to have fun and give you a combination of gaming news, views, rumors, along with special BONUS POINTS topic where we reach out to the Lamer Community to gather other points of view on hot gaming topics. Now with ridiculous gaming parody commercials!
Podcasts that don't follow these two formats are considered SIDEQUEST episodes with a specific focus such as rantings, ravings, reviews, spoilercasts, "nerd alerts", Top 10's, games vs history, and more!