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The Drama Merchant and The Radioplay Hour has presents to you, as a preview, the first episode of The Fire on the Snow.
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The march to the South Pole, with dogs, ponies and motor sledges for transporting supplies began at Camp Evans on November 1st, 1911. The time of this verse radioplay is from 4th January 1912, when the last supporting party returned, to 29th March 1912, when Scott’s diary ceases.
Episode 1: 4th January 1912
This Episode opens at the point when Scott, Wilson, Bowers, Evans, and Oates are about to leave the last supporting party on the 4th of January 1912, before setting out on the final dash to the Pole. The Antarctic wind speaks first.
Cast in order of appearance:
The Antarctic wind: Del Halpin, Dawn China and Peta Schulz 
The five explorers: Jimmy Corbett (Scott), Adam Hellier (Wilson), Trevor Love (Bowers), Mikey Real (Oates) and Barry Gibson as (Evans)
Music heard in this episode, in order of appearance by Kevin Macleod
Trio for Piano, Cello, and Clarinet 
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Heart breaking by Kevin MacLeod
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Road to Hell by Kevin MacLeod
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Sound effects by Nathan Schulz 
Produced & edited by Nathan Schulz (The Drama Merchant)
Directed by Barry Gibson & Nathan Schulz
To know more about the Terra Nova Expedition visit the Antarctic Heritage Trust, there you will find information about Antarctic explorers and ross sea heritage restoration project. You can find a link to their website here

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And if you live in Sydney, New South Wales, or plan on visiting between Nay 23rd & June 17 2023, then you should visit the Sydney Theatre Company’s website and purchase tickets to see Do Not Go Gentle. This show also follows Robert Scott’s historic attempt to reach the South Pole. Written by Patricia Cornelius, she brings her unflinching honesty to bear on this moving exploration of human frailty at the ends of the Earth. 

I’m hoping to go see this show myself but you  can also find a link to the Sydney Theatre Company here

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