Cool Breeze Over the Mountains: A Keanu Reeves Podcast

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The Kurt Locker is a podcast series where we'll watch and discuss the entire feature film catalog of Kurt Russell.

Show Notes

Welcome to The Kurt Locker. Each week, we’ll step through the films of Kurt Russell, starting with his early work in live-action Disney films and moving all the way to present day.

Kurt Russell is the kind of actor that can, and has done it all. Whether you know him as a cowboy, the coach who can deliver one hell of a motivational speech, a psychopath race-car driver, a regular guy, an ex-soldier who you thought was dead, or even Santa Claus himself, Kurt has proven himself as a powerhouse actor for over 5 decades. 

To really take in the full breadth of his work, we’re watching and reviewing each feature film he’s starred in and bringing some great guests along for the ride including many well-regarded writers and critics. Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts, episodes coming this winter.

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What is Cool Breeze Over the Mountains: A Keanu Reeves Podcast?

Each week on Cool Breeze Over the Mountains your hosts watch and discuss the intricacies of (almost) every film in the Keanu Reeves catalog, starting with his film debut in 1985 and moving to present day.