International Voices with Udo Fluck

Jake Kreilick, from Lake Missoula Tea Company in Missoula, MT talks about his interactions with small tea producers in Indonesia and Kenya and how their artisan loose leaves have contributed to the diversification of tea. Listen to Udo’s conversation with Jake about his passion for tea, environmental sustainability and social responsibility, how the tea industry has changed, how climate change has impacted tea and tea growers, and why eco-activism is now more important than ever before. Part one, of a three-part series, focusing on “Cultures and the Environment”.

What is International Voices with Udo Fluck?

International Voices with Udo Fluck, is a podcast series presented by Arts Missoula and the Missoula Broadcasting Company, with an emphasis on what is happening in regard to educational and cultural programming and events in the Missoula community. Udo Fluck, Director of Arts Missoula Global, welcomes guests each month to inform, connect and engage the local Missoula community and provide a conversational "window" to the world.

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