Driving the Future

We're excited to bring you this episode from Capgemini's very own Cloud Realities Podcast Feed -

With the launch of their connected car, the AFEELA, Sony Honda Mobility seek to redefine mobility, beyond simply transportation, and create the opportunity to use the space creatively and explore the relationship between people and mobility.

In this special episode Dave, Sjoukje, and Rob talk to Takuya Nishibayashi, Head of E&E System Architecture Development Division, Sony Honda Mobility Inc., who is at CES2024 for the release of the AFEELA.  They cover why Sony Honda are collaborating on a connected car now, how responsible and ethical GenAI is leveraged for assisted driving (ADAS), how mobility can be used as a creative entertainment space, including using gaming engines, the integrated in vehicle experience and how Microsoft partner with them for GenAI tooling and Cloud-scale computing platforms.

AFEELA: https://www.shm-afeela.com/en/
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What is Driving the Future?

Driving the Future is a podcast about where the automotive industry is going, and how not only to keep up with the rapidly changing business, but to shape it.

Fueled by such factors as the climate crisis and the digital revolution, the automotive industry is changing. Whether we’re talking about autonomous cars and electric vehicles or the new customer experiences that digital technologies enable, whether it’s transforming from being an auto manufacturer into an organization that provides mobility services, the map of the industry is being re-drawn. Are you going to follow the path that others lay out, or grab the wheel and shape the future of mobility yourself? The promise of technology is big, but how do you get there?

Driving the Future is a podcast by Capgemini.