The Pathless Path with Paul Millerd

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David talks about his self-employment journey, discussing topics such as graphics design, studying abroad, work identity and engagement, self-publishing books, and advertising on Amazon. He reflects on his experiences and explains how he shifted from a traditional job to self-employment, including how he experienced a new reality after leaving his job.

We talk about how hard it is to ever "make it" on a solo journey and how you are constantly starting from day 1.


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1:37 What are the scripts David grew up with?
8:51 The impact of studying abroad
12:21 Living in different places while hating vacations
20:18 The moment David realized this is not how his life is supposed to be
28:38 How did David feel at the beginning of his self-employment?
34:42 Work identity and engagement
41:53 Burning with curiosity and not having a choice but to follow it
48:37 Is the self-employed path easier than it was before?
49:35 "To be me for a living"
57:03 Doing things for the sake of it
1:00:36 Self-publishing books

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What is The Pathless Path with Paul Millerd?

The Pathless Paul is hosted by Paul Millerd - a writer, creator, and consultant. He has conversations with freelancers, self-employed entrepreneurs, creators, and vagabonds who share their perspectives on their relationship with work, burnout, bootstrapping, indie hacking, remote work, reinvention, creativity, sabbaticals, leisure, self-employment, unconventional living, and digital nomadism. Past guests include Ali Abdaal, Khe Hy, Ben Hunt, Wade Foster, Dan Vassallo, Kris Abdelmessih, Steph Smith, Amir Salihefendić, Alex Pang, Visakan Veerasamy, and more.