The CMD-Z Show

"You ever just feel lost?" That was the how a question from one of our listeners started. And with a question so big and so relatable to so many creatives, you know we had to talk about it. This week on The CMD-Z Show, we discuss how we handle feeling lost and how we can still stay sane and happy doing what we love. From financial security to mental health, we cover everything in this episode. 

What is The CMD-Z Show?

Ever wish life had an undo button?

The CMD-Z Show, hosted by Matt Vojacek and Shelby Hagerdon, seeks to provide answers to the big questions that hound creative minds at night. With a new guest each week, hear unique perspectives from creatives on running a business, maintaining your mental health, finding your voice, and more. Presented by Made By Things — this is the CMD-Z Show.

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