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The guys listen to and discuss stems from a mix challenge and then listen to and discuss each other's mixes - as well as the official mix.

Show Notes

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LEWITT microphones did a mix challenge featuring artist AVEC. The 8 stems from the session were made publicly available. In this episode, Ben and Vadim listen to and discuss these excellent stems as well as each other's mixes and how they compared to the official mix. 

You will:
  • Get to hear raw, well-recorded stems and how they were recorded (as well as what's so good about them)
  • Hear an explanation of what makes a "good" mix and why the definition transcends genres while still leaving room for creativity. 
  • Hear the guys' mixes as well as the official mix back to back. 
To download the stems yourself, click here


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Creators & Guests

Benjamin Hull
Director of Headphones / Master of Bass Administration
Vadim Kharaz
Chief Analogy Officer / V.P. of Big Riffs

What is DIY Recording Guys?

We believe that, with minimal gear and a bit of knowledge, DIY musicians can get pro quality recordings.
Our mission is to provide that knowledge