What is the future of containers? In this three-part series, we are exploring the promising technologies aiming to make our cloud-native apps more secure without giving up performance.

Previously, we learned all about microVMs, taking a deep dive on the most talked about microVM - AWS Firecracker.

This week on Mobycast, we finish looking at microVMs with a discussion of Kata Containers. Then we explore the world of unikernels, which promise the same benefits as microVMs but with a dramatically different approach. Oh... and somewhere along the way, Chris accidentally invents a new technology - "conternels".

Show Notes

In this episode, we cover the following topics:
  • We continue our discussion of microVMs with a look at Kata Containers.
  • Kata Containers formed by the merger of two projects: Intel Clear Containers and Hyper runV.
  • How does Kata Containers integrate with existing container tooling?
  • How mature are Kata Containers - are they ready for production?
  • We then take a look at unikernels, which take a dramatically different approach to solving the problem of providing high security with blazing performance.
  • The benefits of unikernels along with a comparison on how they differ from containers.
  • We discuss some of the most popular unikernel implementations, including OSv and MirageOS.
  • Does the future point to a deathmatch between containers and unikernels, or will there be a need for both approaches to cloud-native apps?

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Palm of Your Hand by Blynkwth

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