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This episode was recorded at and is sponsored by THE HUB COWORKING. My guest, Akeem Beckford (@KEEM.876) and I, discuss the dos, don’ts, habits, pet peeves and everything in between, of SOCIAL MEDIA.

Show Notes

This episode was recorded at, and is sponsored by THE HUB COWORKING:
Are you a self-employed Jamaican? An entrepreneur in need of a work space?  Well a coworking space may be what you are looking for, and The Hub is just that!
Coworking is designed to solve the problems of removing traditional office overheads by providing a low cost, aesthetically pleasing space with all the amenities of an office.  All this, while facilitating an environment of collaboration, community and a network that can propel your business to the next level.

Services include:
- Complimentary Coffee
​- Complimentary Wifi
- Flexible Membership Plans
​- Private Offices
- Conference Room
​- Meeting Lounge
- Business Address
- Receptionist
​- Printing, Copying & Scanning
​- Affiliate services 
Find out more information about The Hub, by visiting their website, giving them a call at 876-831-2765 or 876-833-4612 or paying them a visit at 34 Lady Musgrave Road, Unit #18, Kingston 5, Jamaica.  
The Hub Coworking, ‘Working Better Together’.

In this episode, I discuss the dos, don’t, habits, pet peeves and everything in between of social media, with student, Akeem Beckford (,  We discuss:

  • The current Social Media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Whatsapp
  • Preferred platform and why?
  • Who still uses Facebook?
  • Instagram characters - thirst trappers, trollers, memers, quouters, silent haters etc
  • Various Instagram behaviours and habits
    • Block and Delete
    • DM Sliders
    • Sequential pic liking
    • Follow Unfollow
    • Under heart tab - The ‘Following’ vs the ‘You’ tabs.  Which is your default?
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube
  • Whatsapp Statuses
  • Other people sharing moments that aren't theirs or that they weren't asked to share.
  • Catfishing
  • The security of youth on social media.
  • Detoxing from social media
  • Technology challenge - Which platform would u use to :
    • Tell an emotional story
    • Thirst Trap
    • Nude pic
    • Make an intellectual statement

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Music for Podcast: Reggae Meets Soul (Outro) - Mario Evon
Artwork Photo by Tiffany Lue Yen Photography.

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What is Talk Truth with Mario Evon?

Medical Doctor, TV Host and Reggae-Soul Singer/Songwriter, Mario Evon, takes you on a uniquely Jamaican journey through a non-conservative, honest space created to allow his truth, and the truth of others to set them free to grow, laugh, learn and prosper.

From relationships, inspiration, sex and sexuality, to the ins and outs of entrepreneurship; In this space, we speak candidly about almost anything, with the intention to inspire, educate and entertain (‘Inspir-Edu-Tainment’), and create a fair and balanced space where your truth shall become your power. This is TALK TRUTH.