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Entering the Golden Realm of New Lemuria with Waxela Sananda

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Awaken Intuitive Gifts with Akasha and Waxela Sananda who powerfully shares how "Entering the Golden Realm of New Lemuria"

We are multidimensional beings
with access to Universal Consciousness.
When we learn to trust our intuition
and connect to the field, we can
unlock our abilities to receive
communications with our ancestors,
our guides, the cosmos, and beyond.” 

Waxéla (wa-shay-la) Sananda is an activator of Spiritual Gifts, an Embodiment Coach, a Galactic Shaman, and an Ascension Trainer. 

Combining celestial Starseed consciousness and shamanic training, Waxéla holds space for clients to experience the embodiment of Divine Frequencies. She is a conscious channel activating the latent spiritual gifts and soul codes within her soul family.
Waxéla works in multiple dimensions holding space to move into a higher state of awareness and to clear old blocks and patterns.

“My mission is to assist people in achieving a greater level of consciousness

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