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An episode you don't want to miss. A conversation with Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby which was the largest seller of independent music online, with $100 million in sales for 150,000+ musicians. Derek Sivers is a writer, musician, programmer, and entrepreneur. His short book, Anything You Want is one of my favorite books on entrepreneurship and thinking differently. And he currently has 3 books in various stages of completion: Your Music and People, Hell Yeah or No and How to Live.

The Renaissance Life is a podcast dedicated to the pursuit of creativity, mastery and a meaningful life.

Show Notes

Derek Sivers: How to be More Happy, Creative And Purposeful (RL #16)

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Derek on the web:

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A Few Favorite Takeaways:

"I get inspired by Ideas. But I've also noticed that I get really, really inspired by serving others."

“You can’t actually pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Right? Like that's an old slang saying, but ultimately you have to be lifted by those around you. Meaning you can't just act like it's only you in this world and you're going to get some passive income somehow and just think about nothing but yourself.”

“My happiest creative friends I know are the ones who balance making money with making their art."

On Learning Something New:

  1. Find a good book and focus.
  2. “Then my next bit of advice for learning something new is to set up a or find multiple teaching sources, like say like a video course and three different books. I found the hard way that different perspectives really help you see something clearly.” “Have different teachers teach you the same thing, meaning, [from] different sources.”
  3. And then lastly, deliberate practice where You understand that learning something means you're going to have to not just sit and read about it, but, but do it.

Q: Is this really helping me or hurting me?

Last Two:

A question to ask yourself:

“Find the opposite point of view of anything that you currently think is true. Just pick something that you think of as true right now. And find a way to think about the opposite of it. (and good luck doing that with politics.)”

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Renaissance Life is a podcast about CREATIVITY, MASTERY, and the pursuit of an extraordinary life.
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