Moments in Leadership

In Part Two of a two-part interview, Retired Marine Corps Lieutenant General Bob 'Boomer' Milstead discusses concepts such as in baseball, a .400 hitter is considered for Cooperstown, while a 60% loser will be fired everywhere else. He discusses his "HEP" Principle (Humor, Enthusiasm, Patience), what he learned about giving second chances after some pilots in his command were involved in a fratricide incident, why how he defines a Maverick, and why he considers himself one too. LtGen Milstead strings together lessons from several different experiences to give the listener insight into his personal leadership style which carried him through 40 years of service as a Marine Officer

What is Moments in Leadership?

Moments in Leadership is a podcast where you will hear firsthand about the careers of senior military leaders as they share their own unique and individual experiences. Moments in Leadership will immerse you in real-life stories where you will learn about the challenging situations these accomplished leaders faced and discover the lessons they learned early in their careers that were the most influential to developing their overall leadership style.