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In this episode we are taking a break from the norm to bring you a few of the amazing stories from the world of science and technology that haven’t quite made it into the podcast recently. 

Our goal is to bring you a lot of amazing stories and important technological developments on this podcast, but the little stories in the middle where we take a break don’t always get the attention they deserve. So, this week, we’re bringing you some of the stories from around the world that haven’t quite made the podcast yet. And, of course, you’ll find details of all the stories we feature today in the show notes.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a regular thing - we’ll be back to normal next week.

This is Technology Now, a weekly show from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Every week we look at a story that's been making headlines, take a look at the technology behind it, and explain why it matters to organizations and what we can learn from it.

Sources and statistics cited in this episode:

The Lunar Cruiser:

Study into humanoid robots:

Food from thin air:

Clouds to slow global warming:

Waterproof e-glove:

Our episode on energy efficient AI:
AI is more carbon-efficient than humans:

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