Host Allison Dyjach interviews Rufus John, Selam Debs, and Ayesha Ahad from Legacy KW. 

For any of our listeners out there who may have been in KW around the late 90’s or early 2000’s, you might remember Legacy, the youth arts showcase shining the spotlight on Black joy, culture, beauty, and excellence. After several years on hiatus it’s back.

Rufus John, a black Caribbean-Canadian singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, Child & Youth Worker, award-winning youth mentor and the founder of Music Is My Weapon and The Freedom Marching Project. Over the course of the pandemic Rufus released his most recent musical collection The Freedom Marching Project, an EP that features over 40 Black, Indigenous and Racialized (BIR) Artists from around Canada. He is one of the organizers that brought Legacy back to KW.

Selam Debs, a singer, writer, poet and creative. As an antiracist educator, speaker, yoga & meditation teacher and Holistic Life Coach, Selam believes that music is a catalyst for telling our stories and transforming our communities through activism, healing work, spiritual upliftment and Black joy! She is also an organizer of Legacy KW.

Ayesha Ahad is a local singer-songwriter who will be performing at Legacy this year!

Featuring music from Ben Rollo (Long Wave), Ayesha Ahad (Rusty), Living Room for Small (What's My Issue - IDK)


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