Dev 'n Life

Rob and JD discuss the launch of, and their plans to switch email providers. Rob is interested in ProtonMail, which JD is considering to leave. The two talk through the pros and cons of each provider, their personal relationship with email, and their hopes for a new service. This one is all about email...

Show Notes


Rob is back from a small vacation, while JD is waiting for his. During his vacation, Rob joined the virtual ElixirConf EU and got his invite for, the new email service by Basecamp. He has been on the fence about paying for email and migrating, and he's curious about JD's opinion on both and ProtonMail. JD shares his setup with a custom domain, and how he's been using ProtonMail the past few years. Rob has had advertised to friends, and had to argue why you would pay for email services. The two discuss the various ins and outs of email, the features of the two services, and their experience with email so far...

What is Dev 'n Life?

Dev ‘n Life is a podcast by two friends who record their casual conversations about software development, technology, and personal growth. Follow along as Rob and JD discuss their ideas and views on technology and life as they maintain their long-distance friendship.