Leading Better Teams

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As leaders, we have experienced a rollercoaster ride of change like never before - especially in the past two years. Therefore, it’s important for leaders to learn how to guide our teams through the different phases of change so that our teams thrive, perform and enjoy their work.. When leaders understand the natural stages of change, they are able to adjust their approach to meet their team’s needs. Believe it or not “storming” isn’t a bad thing, when you perceive it as normal and know how to motivate your team through it. Let’s face it, times are turbulent, so let’s make sure we are all prepared for the ride.

Show Notes

🙄 The two reasons teams do not like changes. 01:22
🤓 Many people are considering quitting jobs, so we need to adapt to retain our teams. 03:02
📈 Bruce Tuckman’s stages of group development model. 04:11
▶️ Coming together: Forming. 04:44
🧠 The Storming phase. 05:52
💪 The Norming phase and Performing. 06:34
😇 Storming is a normal, natural process - so embrace this phase. 08:12
🧠  LBT Trivia Question: How many thunderstorms are happening in the world right now? 11:48
🗣️ Storming teams: The importance of communication during a time of change is huge. 12:18
👂 Boost the number of check-ins with your team. 14:27
🎧 Check out Episode #4 - 3 Ways to Align Your Team Around Goals, Roles, and Methods. 15:13
⌚ When is the time for negotiation to kick in? 15:42
3️⃣  Three BOLD Leadership Questions, with Gisele Shelley Garcia. 16:50
📖  “Changes are inevitable, and not always controllable. What can be controlled is how you manage, react, and work through the change process.” Kelly A. Morgan 17:49
🚩 Leading Better Teams Challenge. 19:00


Better Teams Assessment https://better-teams.com/assessment/

Bruce Tuckman’s Model: http://web.mit.edu/curhan/www/docs/Articles/15341_Readings/Group_Dynamics/Tuckman_1965_Developmental_sequence_in_small_groups.pdf

Activity Stages of Our Team https://leigh-ann-rodgers.mykajabi.com/better-teams-stages-of-our-team

Gisele Shelley Garcia BOLD Leadership https://theglenbrookgroup.com/womens-leadership/

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What is Leading Better Teams?

Leading teams is tough. Leading hybrid or remote teams? Even tougher. New workplace dynamics can create employee tension and communication issues that can overwhelm the best leaders. Engaging remote employees and leading virtual teams is a skill that all leaders must develop as the future of work is here. Companies are made up of people - like you and me - who are ideally working together toward a common goal. But we’re complicated human beings and when put together in a corporate/business environment, any number of things can go right or wrong.

I’m your host, Leigh Ann Rodgers - world-renowned human potential expert, speaker, author, and CEO of Better Teams. My mission is to help leaders of all kinds to build better teams around the globe so that employees are happy, engaged, and productive. Implementing the most effective and latest models served up humor, happiness, and a dash of southern charm results in positive transformations time after time.

Each month, you can expect to hear from me and other industry experts on how to effectively manage remote teams making them positive and happy. I’ll offer real world examples from my on-going work and be real about the challenges and celebrate victories that I see. I’ll also offer quick tips and tools that are my way of giving you actionable knowledge so that you, too, can help in the mission to build and lead better teams the world over.

This podcast has been created to reach more people, executives, teams to benefit individuals, and can make corporations more human-centered. This show is for leaders seeking new ways to engage remote and hybrid teams and employees and who need practical tips and tools to lead with confidence.

The recognition that humans are complicated and motivated in all different ways allows me to be empathic and listen more deeply to what’s being said, and what’s not being said so that I can understand the entire team's values, ways of working and, ultimately, drive. It’s my whole-human approach that separates my work from the rest and has allowed me to walk among people employed at the smallest of local firms, non-profit organizations, government agencies like the Center for Disease Control (CDC), multinational companies and the world’s biggest brands like MARS, Whirlpool, and Kelloggs. I’ve been privileged to be in company with thousands of humans around the world - team members, frontline workers, and the most powerful executives. But as many as I’ve impacted, I cannot do this work alone. That’s why I created Forward - a trusted community of global industry professionals and now this podcast - so that we call can network, learn from one another, share new ideas, ask for help, and experiment with new ideas so this work can reach far and wide.

In my work as team builder, facilitator, and focus group moderator, people are moved to action by my expertise, and my undying curiosity about people and the never-ending stream of new tools and technologies that are consistently being developed to help teams and people be more productive. My job is to sort through all the information and apply my hands-on knowledge about work - what it is today and what it’s evolving into tomorrow. The world of work and people have been forever changed. It’s up to people like me who can clearly see the impact on people and teams to interpret the trends, test and analyze frameworks and tools to uncover what works most effectively, and take these learnings and put them into practice for teams large and small around the globe.