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Passing open windows with bent anticipation. I believe in the infinite, and am encouraged. Enjoy the crucifixion of complacency.

Show Notes

♥ Illumina7e 

Hardwired, hard-written and withdrawn. Put away from me every evil intent. Instead, look up. Wake up.
With legacy and perseverance, I will not shroud into the dim afterglow. 
Very still now.
And illuminan7.
Given light and feeling and grace mishandled. Given hope and love and purity unraveled. Given faith to open my eyes. Given a gravity well of joy--shaken, but never forgotten.
Bleed out this tainted resin which has corroded the permanence I so seek of beauty and carefreeness which I've suddenly realized has been absent.
This adventure is too perilous to be so serious and too long to be so hurried. 
Teach me to walk, and give me the urgency to be still.
Passing open windows with more time to think about misinterpreted possibilities, let me not be distracted by the fleeting remainder of yesterday. Let those actions give way to the current and be spread thin as I give in to this guiding undertow.
As I am brought under, open my eyes to behold less of myself, less of the flailing, the stressing, the breaking, the longing, the filling from rottenness. 
Keep me in the way.
Bind me in resolve, in purity, in love, in selflessness, in honesty. And may I receive the fuel of encouragement during failure, the guilt of joy within sorrows, the grace from laughter when dark times loom, the freedom from the Spirit when all hope seems lost. 
Guard me from the expectations of terror. Keep me free of the gloom of disaster. Rather let my mind feast on what is already here--this present reality: moments in time drawn together.
Open my mind to see and live in and live out my part.
Forfeit the lead.
Back up and blend in.
Live through the flood and the reckoning.
Very still and alive.
Raindrops in my chest. The flickering of infinite possibilities. What a catastrophe to seem so important. 
Pull me under. No need to swim. 
Bring the curtain call and with glad hands and scurrying hearts, encourage this resolve.

Illumina7e was written, recorded and produced by Eamonn Cottrell. Image used with permission from unsplash.

♠ fna show

  • the fna show is brought to you in part by consecrated consciousness and the crucifixion of complacency. More is being revealed. More will be revealed

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What is the fna show?

fna is an aural excursion through thought. it is an experiment in sound and idea. it is a terrible champion. listen at risk. fear to listen. crucify complacency.