Rental Return: Tales From the Video Store

Adam, Chad, and Jason host a preview episode for Season 3 of the Rental Return podcast series. First, the hosts comment on the recent representation of rental stores on Netflix including Blockbuster and That 90s Show. Then the trio share recent VHS finds in thrift stores and on eBay. Then, get a sneak preview of what to expect for Season 3 of Rental Return.

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If you are a former rental store employee and would like to be interviewed for an upcoming season, please contact Adam @hojukoolander on Twitter. 

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Creators & Guests

Adam aka Hoju Koolander
Host of Wizards, Rental Return, Thrift Store Horde & Waxpack Flashback on The Retro Network.
Chad Young
Blogger and Podcaster
Jason Gross
Podcast host and producer for The Retro Network and Rediscover the '80s.

What is Rental Return: Tales From the Video Store?

Relive the days of video rental stores through the stories of former employees. You'll hear experiences from the infancy of rental stores in the 1980s, their dominance in the 1990s, and their demise in the 2000s. From VHS to DVD, from Blockbuster to 'Mom and Pop' stores, Rental Return celebrates this distinctive time in film history.