If I Was Starting Today

Tommy Griffith, ClickMinded co-founder, shares his story of going from Airbnb employee to making high 6-figures working only one day a week – mostly from places like Thailand and Hawaii.

Show Notes

How do you go from a side-hustle to running a company full time, with only one day of work a week? Today’s guest is Tommy Griffith, the co-founder of ClickMinded. Listen to his story about how he went from being an Airbnb employee to making a 6-figure salary working only one day a week – mostly from places like Thailand and Hawaii. During the episode, Tommy talks about how he went all-in on ClickMinded, how the interpretation of risk matters to entrepreneurs and founders, and what Tommy would want to know and do if he had to start over today.

Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:
  • How Tommy runs a 6 figure business working 1 day per week
  • The difficulty of finding help for your company’s problems
  • How Tommy went all-in on ClickMinded
  • His Interpretation of risk
  • The power of saying NO
  • How to decide if you should work for a VC-backed startup or start your own business
  • What Tommy would want to know if he were starting today
  • Tommy's half-baked startup ideas
  • The best advice Tommy ever got
About the Podcast:

What is If I Was Starting Today?

What would you do if you were starting today? To help, here are half-baked startup ideas, growth marketing tactics, and stories from founders and creators - including my own journey as a bootstrapped business owner. All of the content is centered around helping founders, creators, and investors starting today.