Finneran's Wake

This week's "Concise Recap" on Finneran's Wake!

For those short on time, but on long on curiosity; for those to whom news and politics are an interest, but whose time is limited.

The three most important news items of which you should be aware, with which you should be fluent, all brought to you in a half-hour's time:

1.) A mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas left 21 people dead, of whom 19 were children. This is the second mass shooting in as many weeks.

2.) Political responses to the aforementioned.

3.) President Biden asserts America’s commitment to defend the island of Taiwan in the case of a Chinese invasion.

To the inimitable Duke Ellington, to whom I am, in more ways than one, indebted--thank you.

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