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The Apple Car is gone but instead Apple is said to be working on robots. It's all a long way from Apple's origins this week in 1976, and even quite a long way from the original iPad which in 2010 was the last product announced by Steve Jobs.

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Destroying the web as a service

Arc promises to "browse for you" by eliminating the middle man and present information directly to you. The company doesn't have a business model or a way to make money. It just scrapes data from websites and presents it to users.

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (00:44) - Getting down with Apple Services
  • (03:30) - Robots
  • (16:40) - Losing digital films
  • (19:54) - Apple anniversary
  • (22:42) - Pirates of Silicon Valley
  • (27:40) - iPad anniversary
  • (39:45) - Apple Vision Pro
  • (52:27) - Where is the Apple Vision Pro content?
  • (57:45) - Spatial personas
  • (01:02:55) - Arc The Browser Company
  • (01:16:25) - Outro
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