Local First News (News of the North)

A serious accident on Glacier Highway near Fritz Cove Road leaves a 22-year-old cyclist from Washington state injured and prompts a temporary highway closure. We provide the latest details and updates from the Juneau Police Department.

The Biden administration has denied the right-of-way permit for the Ambler Access Project in Northwest Alaska, citing significant environmental and cultural impacts. We discuss the reactions from various stakeholders and the implications of this decision.

The U.S. Supreme Court ends Chevron deference, shifting legal interpretative authority from federal agencies to the courts. We examine the potential consequences for Alaska and the broader legal landscape.

 Alaska's House Bill 148 expands the Alaska Performance Scholarship, increasing eligibility and funding. We explore how these changes aim to retain high-achieving students within the state and support career and technical education.

Get ready for the 4th of July! We preview the upcoming celebrations in Juneau, including the parade and other festivities, ensuring you have all the details for a fun-filled Independence Day.

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