Regular Programming

Andreas tells the story of a old system which suddenly exhibited a new and frightening bug. Lars shares similar experiences of things going wrong in new and novel ways.
When things do go wrong, it is so nice to have supervision trees or other things which allow you to hear about problems, not to mention recover from them.
Also covered are some stories about TCP, networks, and timeouts. And a realization that testing the frameworks upon which you build could have saved some bacon, had it just been done a long time ago.

  • Gaming convention management system
  • When I say view, I mean controller
  • View is a better word
  • If I ignore it, it will go away
  • Destructive favourites
  • Alternative class hierarchies
  • Failed in new and novel ways
  • Both a mistake, and interesting
  • Aaah, circumflex!
  • TCP the good parts

What is Regular Programming?

Conversations about programming. By Andreas Ekeroot and Lars Wikman, funded by