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Learn a11y amazingness from the brilliant minds of Leslie, Hugues, and Amberley!

Show Notes

Discussion Points

Why a11y matters
  • What is web a11y and why do we care?
  • JS frameworks/React and a11y
A11y in the developer community
  • A11y has become seemingly more popular and more mainstream. Why?
  • At the same time, the state of a11y on the web has not really improved (see: WebAIM million).
It's our (collective) job to make the web-accessible.
  • How to bake accessibility into your workflow 
    • How does Netlify test for accessibility while building the product? (see blog post)
    • Accessibility as acceptance criteria
    • How does Netlify prioritize accessibility tech debt?
  • How to champion accessibility at work
Where to start?

What is Remotely Interesting?

Join us to chat about Jamstack, coding the web, the people who code the web, and sometimes, lollies. With love from Netlify 💙.