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For my resident mix this month, I wanted to showcase some of the amazing house music I've been playing over the last few months. Those of you who have heard my mixes before probably won't be surprised that I'm not a fan of planning out my sets, I find the most enjoyment from pulling the threads between sounds, layering and creating something new that is greater than the sum of its constituting elements. Restraint is key. And very rewarding.

My current favourite slab of vinyl The untitled A side of VWV004, kicks us off, bleeding its low key less-is-more approach over the first 30mins of the mix. As keys change, pads shimmer and percussive elements weave in and out of one another, my focus for the listener is firmly on nothing but The Groove. As the acapella of Ananda Project puts nicely, 'Wandering'.

There's a subtle nod to the populist organic styles of All Day I Dream in YokoO and Atish - Atman, a much deeper and more brooding record than many of its contemporaries. I find most pleasure from bleeding and twisting records, quite apt then that by the time the stripped tribal percussion of Cascades of Colour wraps around you like a thick fog, time has stopped. Is it 11 pm? 5 am? Layering and layering Blakkat & David Morales 'Can't Get Enough' is an anti-anthem, a true moment in time record.

King Britt and I finally do what the mix has threatened all along, delivering a true hands in the air record that has been in the record bag for almost 20years.

Jack had a Groove, and from that Groove came the Groove of All Grooves. I'm sure that's on a t-shirt somewhere 😅 play this one as loud as possible.


Show Notes

  1. VWV - Untitled A side
  2. Deephope - Reset Your Heart
  3. Craig Williams - Come Here
  4. Cali Kula - The Girl with the Velvet Skin
  5. Vhyce - Shaken Not Stirred
  6. Freestyle Man - Tour De Farce (Katerina Melodymix)
  7. Ananda Project - Moment Before Dreaming (acapella)
  8. Imbue - Tarmani
  9. Alex V - Without You
  10. Retza - Hip
  11. YokoO & Atish - Atman
  12. James Garside - Tonight
  13. Katemurr - Dream within a Dream
  14. Shiny Objects - Black Spaces (Pezzner Version)
  15. Deephope - Return
  16. Apoena - Mind
  17. Ananda Project - Cascades of Colour (Kiko Navarro edit)
  18. Charm - Lay your Soul down on the floor (Jimpster remix)
  19. Blakkat/David Morales/Paolo Sessa - Can't Get Enough
  20. Vhyce - All My Love
  21. GusGus - David (King Britt remix)

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