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On today's 136th episode of The Thriller Zone, we welcome Matthew Quirk, the brains behind Netflix's smash series #TheNightAgent, and his latest ripped-from-the-headlines #politicalthriller INSIDE THREAT.

Matt is an engaging, intelligent, and hilarious man with intrigue, life stories, and jokes to spare. He's easily one of the finest writers of this generation.

Michael Connelly says of The Night Agent, "This is one of the best thrillers to come along in years."

Lee Child echoes with, " Stay-up-late suspense wrapped around a meaty and timely story."

Praised by many more top-shelf authors, Matt has a solid stable of work behind him, to include: Red Warning, Hour of the Assassin, The Night Agent, Dead Man Switch, Cold Barrel Zero, The Directive, and The 500.

His latest Inside Threat has it ALL...
Questionable Good guys
Enough romance to get you bothered
Enough Surprises to keep you engaged
A classic “bad couple” who provide plenty of DRAMA
A classic thriller that provides plenty of ACTION
And even manages a surprising & unexpected twist!
If you're looking to become a Matt Quirk fan, start with INSIDE THREAT, then read THE NIGHT AGENT--upon which the Netflix series is based, then consider my personal fave, HOUR OF THE ASSASSIN.

Either way, once you start, I have a feeling you'll dig deep into his library. In the meantime, check out all he's talking about on his website: and follow him on Twitter @mquirk.

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