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Rich Schefren is the “guru to the gurus”- personally adding over $15 Billion of additional revenue to his clients.

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$10+ Million in Annual Revenue – Rich Schefren, Strategic Profits

  Rich Schefren, Founder and President of Strategic Profits, with Annual Revenue of $10M+
Rich Schefren, Founder and President of Strategic Profits, is the “guru to the gurus” has personally added over 15 Billion dollars of additional revenue to his clients over the course of many years. He’s been featured on media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, ABC, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, The Discovery Channel, The Daily News, The New York Post… and many others.
After graduating from Case Western Reserve University, summa cum laude as an accounting major, Rich was recruited by Arthur Anderson’s Strategic Planning Division. There he garnered several awards and then jumped at the opportunity to take over his family’s struggling clothing business.
When Rich turned that business into Soho’s hottest eclectic clothing boutique, with loyal customers like Prince and Uma Thurman, he was hooked on being an entrepreneur. Through his unique marketing ideas, the business had revenue growth from $1.5 to over $7.5 million in just three years.
Different is always better than better. @richschefren
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Next Rich invested $7500 to create a hypnosis center which expanded to multiple locations and generated over $13.5 Million a year, within four years. Rich then wanted to share his success secrets and developed a program for other hypnosis centers to achieve the success he had. When he made $287,000 in one week selling the program, he knew he was on to something big.
Rich parlayed his offline successes and marketing prowess into an information product business. Over the next 2 years he established joint ventures with the major online marketing players that generated in excess of $4 million in revenue. Many of these marketers secretly sought his advice to help them turn their businesses into profit-producing powerhouses.
His passion was ignited to share what he’d learned with all struggling internet marketers who wanted to build real businesses and freer lives. That’s when Strategic Profits came to be. And the story continues to unfold…
In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard, and Rich discuss:
  • Different is always better than better
  • Benefits of combining the past with the future
  • Leave people better off than when you found them
  • That which is most personal, is most general 
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  • Awesome!
    by from United Stateswmoore07
    Steve does an amazing job of extracting the best of the best out of his guests allowing me as the listener to take the insights and put them into actionable items in my own life. I particularly enjoyed the episode on 6/10/20 with Will Moore of Moore Momentum. Keep it up!
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