The Espresso Hour

In this episode, we share our exact step-by-step process for testing, expanding, and repurposing proven content ideas. NOTE: This is the FIRST and ONLY time we're sharing this framework publicly so be sure to listen until the end!

Show Notes

**This is the FIRST and ONLY time we share this framework publicly.**

After listening to this episode, you will walk away with our exact proven process for...

• Publishing short-form “outlines as content.”
​• Expanding proven short-form content into long-form content.
• ​And resurfacing your best content over and over again (allowing you to schedule content months in advance, and build your audience on autopilot).

If you are looking to start (or accelerate) your online writing journey in 2023, this is exactly what you need to achieve your goal.

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What is The Espresso Hour?

In each episode, we share our insights, tactics, and lessons learned as we scale our writing education company to $10mm. If you're looking for "insider" tips to help you grow and scale your digital business, you're going to love The Espresso Hour!