Tennis Rockers

Nutrition classes could be an amazing compliment to a tennis club's offerings and they don't have to break the bank while trying to build the bottom line. In this episode, we take a closer look at how the nutrition class can benefit both the club and its customers.

Show Notes

Could a nutrition class compliment a tennis club's offerings and boost the bottom line?  You know, a classroom style series of lectures and group discussions which discuss basic nutrition concepts and demonstrates the effect of food on energy levels, quality of life, and longevity?

A nutrition class, hosted by a registered dietician who does it for free in order to get exposure to potential paying clients, could be a draw for non-tennis playing people and current customers.  It says "I care about you and your health" and in caring for someone else, you engender emotional credibility.  

Take a few minutes to noodle on adding a nutrition class to your club whether you are an owner, pro, or player, it just might be the outstanding offering you were hoping would help.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!

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