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I'm super excited to be joined today by Kerry Guard, the co-founder, and COO of MKG Marketing. Most agencies struggle with massive employee churn, it's just one of the natures of the industry. Working at an agency is a fantastic way to gain experience and learn new skills, but it can also be hard work...which is why many agencies churn through employees at a high rate, constantly having to hire and replace talent. MKG, however, is different. In fact, they haven't lost an employee in years! And that has a lot to do with their people-first approach.

As the COO of MKG Marketing, Kerry has helped develop and put into action their company values which focus on a people-first approach. They offer their employees a great salary, top of the line benefits, and give them the flexibility that most agencies could never match. But their ability to retain top talent goes much further than that.

During this interview, I got to ask Kerry exactly how they built this incredible company culture, how we can apply their lessons to smaller online businesses, and how to create a healthy work-life balance while working remotely so we can stay mentally strong and avoid burnout.

Show Notes

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💬 Topics Discussed:
  • Why Kerry decided to leave the US and move to Guernsey
  • The benefits and disadvantages of being an expat
  • How to work remotely in a sustainable way and not experience Zoom burnout
  • How some companies track people’s time working remotely
  • What does MKG do that makes them a ‘people first’ company?
  • How to set company benefits, policies, and core values
  • What can we do as a remote community to keep our mental health in shape
  • How to set clear boundaries with yourself and your team.
  • The benefits of setting boundaries between your co-workers
  • How to set core daily routines and schedules
  • What is the 3x3x3 productivity method?
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What is That Remote Life | Interviews with Digital Nomads and Location Independent Entrepreneurs ?

That Remote Life is a podcast focused on helping you become location independent in order to live life on your terms. Serial entrepreneur and traveler Mitko Karshovski interviews some of the most successful entrepreneurs and digital nomads to help uncover the strategies and skills to help you reach the same success. Follow Mitko's journey in real-time as he builds his own location independent business and shares all the lessons and experiences. If you are someone who wants to get out of a desk job, start your own business, and become a location independent entrepreneur, then this show is for you. Visit the show online at