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The host of The Tear Down talks about getting to the heart of Edmonton's music scene through frank discussions with local musicians.

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Show Notes

Meet Caleb Caswell, who combines his background in journalism and music to have sincere conversations about Edmonton's music scene on The Tear Down.

Caleb studied both music and professional writing at MacEwan University, and was looking for a way to combine those experiences. He had done enough freelance writing to know he was leaving a lot of good quotes uncaptured in interviews with musicians. A podcast turned out to be a way to get into more depth. He goes to a show with his guest, and they talk about it before getting into the guest's music, which adds another interesting layer.

He's very thoughtful about what he's doing, and about journalism in general. You'll hear some great insights on that front, as well as why the scene needs more than boosterism; how it's hard to provide a critical view; how music and his previous gigs inform his work; the meaning behind the podcast's name; what it takes to create something good; advice for communications grads; and more:


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We also mentioned Caleb's YouTube channel, Anime-BOM, which kind of has to be seen to be understood. We recorded this episode long ago, so you'll hear a plug for Animethon that is no longer relevant, but hey, there's always next year.

Caleb recommended two local music podcasts:

  • Cups N Cakes, a show featuring the music of western Canada with Jeff MacCallum and Carey Newton;
  • Vintage Edmonton Music, Rev Recluse's fascinating exploration of old Edmonton vinyl.

The Tear Down just launched its second season with a conversation with singer-songwriter Maddie Storvold. You can find that and all of the Season 1 interviews on Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud

The Tear Down is also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Anime-BOM is on Twitter and Facebook, too.

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What is Seen and Heard in Edmonton?

A weekly conversation with independent media producers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.