The Pro Channel Manager Podcast

Tom is interviewed by Chris Sharpe to explain what a YouTube channel manager is and how he got started in the profession

Show Notes

The Origin Story - In the first-ever episode of the Pro Channel Manager Podcast, veteran channel manager and YouTube expert Tom Martin is interviewed by Yoga With Adriene Producer, Chris Sharpe. We get into what a youtube channel manager actually is and how they differ from a YouTube Creator (sometimes they are one and the same).

Tom tells of his story where he was thrown in at the deep end working for the BBC in London with zero experience immediately launching brand new channels like Doctor Who and getting some quick wins under his belt like growing the Top Gear channel from 750,000 subscribers to 3.5 Million in his first 12 months.

He also talks about what we can expect from the future of the podcast and the upcoming launch of his new community for profession channel managers and the re-launch of his flagship YouTube Keyword research course. - both of which will be available at .

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What is The Pro Channel Manager Podcast?

Learn how Professional YouTube Channel manager Tom Martin approaches YouTube channel management from both a business and YouTube strategy perspective. He's achieved Billions of views and tens of millions of subscribers for the channels he's worked on and is going to show you how to do the same for your channels and your clients' channels. Whether you want to run your YouTube channel more professionally or want a career in YouTube channel management Tom and his guest lists of the biggest names on YouTube will show you how to do YouTube like the pros.