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In this episode of Talk Commerce Today, the host interviews Kay Collier, an artist and owner of Katheryn Hastings & Company, a stationery and wax seal business. Kay shares her passion for letter writing, antique collecting, and the history behind wax seals. She discusses her journey from being an avid letter writer to a business owner and how she uses various platforms to share her knowledge and passion. The conversation also delves into the importance of handwriting, the use of AI in letter writing, and the unique charm of wax seals. Kay encourages listeners to embrace the art of letter writing to deepen their relationships.

Show Notes

Here are the mentions with timestamps arranged by topic:


Wax Seals:

Mention: Kay Collier's main focus in her business, creating and selling wax seals.

Timestamp: 00:00:01


Antique Seals:

Mention: Kay Collier collects and sells antique seals.

Timestamp: 00:00:01


Catherine Hastings and Company:

Mention: Kay Collier's business where she sells handmade seals and designs her own modern seals.

Timestamp: 00:00:01


Free course on using antique seals:

Mention: Kay Collier offers a free course on using and caring for antique seals.

Timestamp: 00:00:01



Mention: Speaker 1 and Speaker 2 discuss typewriters.

Timestamp: 00:11:30


Birchbox Entrepreneur Contest:

Mention: Speaker 2 mentions the Birchbox Entrepreneur Contest.

Timestamp: 00:13:04


Mention: Speaker 2 mentions Shopify.

Timestamp: 00:17:38


Mention: Speaker 2 and Speaker 1 mention Instagram.

Timestamp: 00:18:45


Mention: Speaker 2 mentions having an Instagram account where they share their artwork and teach about antique seals.

Timestamp: 00:21:58

Weekly Podcast:

Mention: Speaker 2 mentions having a weekly podcast about letter writing.

Timestamp: 00:21:58


Mention: Speaker 2 mentions having a weekly newsletter called "The Epistolary".

Timestamp: 00:22:51

Wax Seals Course:

Mention: Speaker 2 mentions having a free course on wax seals.

Timestamp: 00:31:09

Antiques Course:

Mention: Speaker 2 mentions having a course specific to antiques.

Timestamp: 00:31:18

Marbling Course:

Mention: Speaker 2 mentions a course on marbling wax seals.

Timestamp: 00:31:18

Comprehensive Letter Writing Course:

Mention: Speaker 2 mentions a comprehensive course on letter writing.

Timestamp: 00:31:18


Wax seals:

Mention: Wax seals are mentioned.

Timestamp: 00:32:21



Mention: ChatGPT is mentioned.

Timestamp: 00:32:41

Jasper AI:

Mention: Jasper AI is mentioned.

Timestamp: 00:33:02

Word document:

Mention: Word document is mentioned.

Timestamp: 00:34:34


Mention: GPT is mentioned.

Timestamp: 00:35:40

AI bot:

Mention: AI bot is mentioned.

Timestamp: 00:37:29

Epistolary newsletter:

Mention: Epistolary newsletter is mentioned.

Timestamp: 00:38:12

Free wax seals course on the website:

Mention: Free wax seals course on the website is mentioned.

Timestamp: 00:38:18

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