Run Like a Woman

Run Like a Woman shines a light on the experiences of ordinary Australian Christian women, offering encouragement, connection and inspiration. In episode one, we meet the co-hosts Penny Mulvey and Bec Abbott.

Show Notes

Settle in for a cuppa and a chat as you get to know your friendly co-hosts.

Meet Penny. 
Penny likes meaningful (and fun) conversations with friends and strangers; the waves pounding on a sandy beach on a cold winter’s day; being challenged by her adult children; a hot shower in the morning. She doesn’t like dropping the balls!

Penny is also a seasoned radio professional, with 30 years’ experience in media. She is just the right person to bring you the best conversations with amazing, insightful Australian Christian women.  

Meet Bec.
Bec is an Eternity journalist. She likes order, yoga and people who walk fast, like her. She doesn’t like the cold, cliff edges or when slow walkers step in front of her. 

Bec has never hosted a podcast before – until now. But she loves women’s stories and can’t wait to showcase and learn from exceptional Aussie Christian women on Eternity’s new Run Like a Woman podcast.

Top Two Recommendations
Penny - Morning Wars Apple TV series; Cruella film on Disney+; and Educated by Tara Westover.
Bec - Lectio 365 Bible devotional app and This Is Our Village podcast.

What is Run Like a Woman?

Run Like a Woman shines a light on the experiences of ordinary Australian Christian women.

From stories of resilience to practical advice, women share about their lives and how their faith has guided, sustained and grown them.

Hosted by Penny Mulvey and Bec Abbott, Run Like a Woman is part of the Eternity Podcast Network, which thousands of listeners tune into every week.

We hope this podcast will offer you encouragement, community and inspiration.

“Hearing raw, honest stories from other Christian women is a truly powerful thing. Even if their experience is different to mine, I have found it relatable and often healing. It resonates with me for a long time afterwards." – a Run Like a Woman listener