CreativeOps Podcast

Joining us is Michelle Vincent of Mofilm, a creative agency focused on storytelling and leveraging AI in creative operations.

You’ll hear how Mofilm uses AI as a creative assistant, the importance of storytelling in the age of algorithms, and the challenges of data bias in AI tools.

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13:03 - Experimenting with AI in creative operations
16:48 - Understanding AI's impact on storytelling
20:27 - Navigating the hype and reality of AI in marketing
24:00 - Addressing the challenge of bias in AI tools
27:36 - Emphasizing human creativity in AI integration
31:12 - Exploring diverse perspectives in AI-generated content
35:06 - Recognizing the importance of human input in AI outputs
38:42 - Discussing the role of AI in future creative strategies
42:54 - Reflecting on the cultural shift towards AI in creative industries

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