On July 9th the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival will present the world premiere of "Twin Stars: Diamond Variations for Dae’Anna", written in honor of the girlfriend and stepdaughter of the late Philando Castile by Daniel Bernard Roumain. He joins Garrett, alongside pianist Melvin Chen, to talk about the upcoming premiere and continued activism in concert hall spaces. Scott honors the voice of singer Jimmy Scott, and the guys celebrate Queen Latifah, Randall Goosby and several other Black artists. Garrett speaks to avoiding the trivialization of Indigenous land acknowledgments in the final movement.


Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson - "Blue/s Forms"
Queen Latifah - "Simply Beautiful"
BLKBOK - "George Floyd and the Struggle for Equality"
Rick and Morty - "Human Music"
Deniece Williams - "Free"
Breland (feat. Keith Urban) - "Throw It Back"
Jimmy Scott - "Sycamore Trees"
Daniel Bernard Roumain - "Black Man Singing in Echo Mountain"


Norfolk Chamber Music Festival Presents 'Music From Troubled Times':
Downbeat (Diamond Reynolds and Dae'Anna):
Ensemble Evolution, presented by International Contemporary Ensemble:
Meg Quigley Repertoire Sessions, feat. Garrett McQueen and Titus Underwood:
Randall Goosby Solo Album Debut:
Nashville Honors Bianca Paige:
BLKBOK Inspiring Classical Musicians:
Pinchas Zukerman Apologizes:
Four Catholic churches burned down on native land in Canada in last week amid residential school uproar:

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