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After a crazy-busy week on the sports front in real life, we're finally back in Germany to get August out of the way in the Bundesliga. We've got some last-minute business to attend to on Transfer Deadline Day which we're hoping might light a fire or spark some kind of emotional investment in the Bundesliga. 

Between the three of us, we've got six games to get through in a short episode as we try to get a handle on the league with August serving up the tough fixtures. 

Is it impossible to score goals in Germany? Are Bayern, Dortmund, Leverkusen and Leipzig really that good or has someone lost their mojo? Was it a mistake to go to Germany without a plan for the long term? And can we really blame Shane for it all?

See how we get on...

Contains strong language (as usual). Find the podcast on Twitter and come say hi @fmfshow or seek out Ken (@tacticalmanager) or Shane (@sirsok1). We may need a parody account for Robbie, but then again, there are Irish laws against that kind of thing. 


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Ken | #FMFShow
Football Manager content. Alter ego of @kenmcguire. Co-host weekly FM podcast @fmfshow. Writes about sport for a living. Currently: Kilkenny City, Benfica #FM23
Shane O'Keeffe
I get to do fun things. Proud founding member of Dicemen Productions and KCLR Sport presenter/producer amongst other things

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