Exit Five - B2B Marketing with Dave Gerhardt

Dave is joined by Latane Contant. She's CMO at 6Sense and author of the book "No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls." They discuss:

- The underrated ability to drive revenue through operational excellence
- Why 6sense runs a 100% account-based revenue motion
- The daily dashboard she uses and the whole company has visibility into to see how marketing is "doing"
- The power of focusing only on the most winnable accounts
- What she credits 6sense's revenue growth of 100% YoY each of the last 4 years to
- Why you can’t run last minute plays in quarter to close a revenue gap 
- Why she doesn't care if pipeline is sales source or marketing sourced
- An update to her book "No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls."

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