Gathering Of The Ages

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The cast of Gathering Of The Ages travels to the distant land of West Jordan UT to speak with new and interesting people. Meet Chris Newhart, owner of Irie Coffee Teas and Bobas and camera man for Ghost Vlogs, as well as his wife Gwen, a real life psychic medium! They discuss their experiences with the paranormal. Meet a technologically advanced YouTuber from Techno Warriors Tv, Nick Bartel. And lastly, hear the voice of a dedicated listener and fan who made the drive to be a part of our LIVE episode!

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Techno Warriors TV
Irie Coffee Teas and Bobas
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What is Gathering Of The Ages?

Join a loving family on an adventure as they play the Pathfinder Adventure Path: The Carrion Crown. This actual play podcast will have you laughing and crying along with the characters created to tell this epic story. The mission of our show is to show people how fun Table Top RPGs can be, while encouraging others to build community through gaming.